Tech-Tamer: We Do Websites.

Tech-Tamer combines technical expertise with personalized, jargon-free guidance to smooth the path to a website that fits your purpose, your vision, and your budget. And if you already have a website, we can apply those same skills to help you to maintain or renovate it.

Why us?

  • We focus on creating easy-to-use websites that load quickly, look great on screens large and small, and maximize the odds that your site will be found by your target audience.  We also incorporate the stuff that every website should have, including the stuff you don’t know to ask for.
  • We’ll stick with you after your website is launched and help you keep it secure and up to date.
  • When the job calls for it, we have some real programming chops.  We happily write custom modules for Drupal, bespoke plugins for WordPress and, yes, we do SQL.
  • We believe website owners should be able to add/edit/change their websites themselves to the greatest extent possible.  To that end, we use standard, long-lived, familiar tools whenever possible.
  • We’re grown-ups. We’re courteous and professional; we do our best to do what we say we will do; and we own up when we don’t meet expectations.

Wonder if we’re right for you? Have a look at our work then get in touch if you’d like to talk. Or, if you’re ready to dive in, tell us what you have in mind and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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