What We Do

Builds Websites

Need a website? Have one that needs something? Not sure when, where or how to start? Overwhelmed or bored by technology talk?

We'll meet you wherever you are and help you create, enhance and/or manage your presence on the web.

Tech-Tamer creates user-friendly websites that are standards compliant and search engine optimized – sites that load quickly, look good on screens large and small, and maximize the odds that your site will be found by your target audience.

And just as important, we help site owners get the most from their sites with personalized, jargon-free guidance to reduce frustration and save time.

One of the best ways to understand what we can do is to see what we have done: we invite you to explore our Web Gallery.

No organization is too small to have a website. Tech-Tamer can help you create or enhance the look, feel and function of your site to fit your vision, your purpose — and your budget.

We also have the expertise to add the advanced features you need, whether you want visitors to browse your gallery, buy your products, make a donation to your organization or pay dues, reserve a place at your event, search for just the right information or simply leave a comment.

Why Us?

What makes Tech-Tamer shine is our combination of technical skills and people skills. Like many other professional web design and development firms, we have built a lot of websites and we’re good at it. But we also offer personal attention, real-world adult judgment, and staying power. And, as partners who are also spouses, our teamwork is finely tuned and efficient, with more than two decades of practice communicating under our belts.

We also offer the benefit of Lisa's degree in Library Science, where she learned the foundations of information architecture before the term even existed, as well as the editorial skills she honed during a first career in publishing. Giles, who returned to his original love of programming after a detour through law school and a decade and a half in corporate and tax law, brings analytical rigor and a real-world sensibility to his careful analysis of your goals and the best way to achieve them.

We build websites using any of a variety of tools, as appropriate to your needs. For many projects, we put our extensive experience developing and maintaining websites in WordPress and Drupal to work. These free, open-source content management systems make it possible to develop sophisticated and versatile websites that are cost-effective and relatively easy for web novices to manage on their own. For websites with more specialized needs, such as the ability to manage large, complex sets of data quickly, we also have experience creating websites using our own home-grown PHP-based framework, as well as the Symfony framework. Finally, if you have an older website, we can work with and tweak your legacy code -- or we can help move your content into a more flexible, modern framework.