About Us

Tech-Tamer is a wife-and-husband website development team.

Lisa Mirabile has been taming technology professionally since 2003, when she quietly began offering website and tech support services to acquaintances while she thought about what sort of work she really wanted to do.  Before long she realized she was very happily immersed in the world of technology, and a decade later she still finds it hard to tear herself away from work most days.  Lisa entered the Simmons College Library and Information Sciences program in 1993 — the year the World Wide Web was born — and earned her  masters degree with a distinct emphasis on information technology, a slightly more useful set of skills than she acquired earning her undergraduate degree in Classics and English from Harvard University.
Giles Birch joined Tech-Tamer in 2007. Giles started his professional life as a programmer for development projects in Kenya, where, among other tasks, he wrote the first budget analysis software for the Republic of Kenya. After a brief detour into investment management, and a rather more extended tour of service as a corporate and tax lawyer, he has finally returned to his roots. In addition to general programming skills, Giles has experience with enterprise-level software, and helped to design the knowledge management system for his AmLaw 100 law firm in between setting up real estate funds. Giles has a law degree from the University of Chicago and also earned his undergraduate degree at Harvard.