How much does a website cost?

We can’t say until we know more. Websites are not one-size-fits-all: like cars or houses, they come in many shapes, sizes and prices. That being said, absent unusual circumstances, websites start around $2,000.

To give you a price, we need to know enough about your project’s requirements to make an accurate estimate of the work required. If your project requires research into the best way to solve a problem or you need information about available options and their costs, then we’ll provide an estimate for an initial Discovery Phase. Once that discovery work has been completed, we’ll be able to present an estimate for the final project.

Website Maintenance & Support

If you’re looking for help with an existing site, we offer maintenance and updating agreements crafted to meet the needs of your site cost-effectively and predictably. Or, if you prefer, we offer support on an hourly basis, with discounts for packages of prepaid hours. Contact us for details.

Get A Quote

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